April 26 2010.

KTM's 990 V-twin Superduke is a single-minded streetfighter that has developed a hard and fast following in the UK, and Yoshimura's new Dual RS-3C slip-ons mark the first time the legendary tuning firm has produced an exhaust system for a KTM that doesn't wear knobbly tyres.

The RS-3C slip-on is a new design of slip-on end-can, based on the traditional oval can that Yoshimura has made for some years, but featuring carbon fibre coned end-caps.

As you'd expect from Yoshimura, performance improves over stock; peak power is increased and held toward the rev limiter, while low-to-mid range torque is noticeably stronger, as is the torque figure approaching maximum rpm. A stainless steel Y-piece and all necessary equipment for installation are included.

No mapping is required although the KTM map option is recommended available through the KTM dealer network.

Tech Specs are as follows;
Part Number/Sleeve Type/RRP including VAT per pair

15252522 Carbon Sleeves/Carbon Cones £965.60

15252572 Titanium Sleeves/Carbon Cones £804.67

For more information on this or any other Yoshimura product contact 01782 569800 or visit www.phoenixnw.co.uk