May 5 2010. 

With the weather seemingly as unpredictable as ever, the Fine Vision range of anti-fog visor inserts make a great deal of sense for the motorcyclist that likes to be prepared for anything. Constructed from optical-grade polycarbonate, the adhesive fog-free lens is available as a universal fit for most visors, or an Arai-specific version designed to flow naturally around the integral visor eyebrow vents.

Manufactured on behalf of Phoenix by Pinlock - the market leading manufacturer for this technology - Fine Vision offers built-in protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays as well as maintaining a clear, fog-free view of the road ahead, no matter the conditions.

For all-year, all-season riders, the Photochromatic Fine Vision insert offers further versatility thanks to light reactive technology. Depending on the brightness, the insert changes from a subtle shade of green to a deeper shade of blue within seconds, significantly reducing glare.

Simple to fit and maintenance free, Fine Vision can be cleaned using lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth; it's a true 'fit and forget' system that once mounted can be fully relied on. 

- Classic Universal £12.99 

- Premier Universal £16.99 

- Premier Arai £16.99 

- Dark Smoke* Arai £16.99 

- Dark Smoke* Universal £16.99 

- Photochromatic* Arai £29.99 

- Photochromatic* Universal £29.99

*For track use only.

For more information on the Fine Vision range call Phoenix on 01782 569800 or visit