May 14 2010.

The Maximiser 360T has been one of Oxford's most significant products since its inception in 2007 and has sold in huge numbers to anyone with a 12V battery. This top-of-the-range 12V automated battery optimiser has received a host of upgrades to make it stronger, cleverer and more reliable and has been re-named the Maximiser 3800. RRP remains at £59.99.

Upgrades include:-
• New voltage sensors detect high current drain faster and will switch automatically back to the most
appropriate charge rate

• In bike mode it charges at a faster 0.8A constant current charge rate. This is also better for Gel batteries

• New charge method for car batteries makes process 5 times faster before

• New surface mounted LED's are brighter & are more reliable

• Revised heat control technology improves the charging difficult batteries for long periods of time

• Now charges from as low as 6V to improve the chances of re-charging a battery that has just been discharged
over a short period of time, without compromising safety on truly dead batteries

The Maximiser continues to offer all the features which made it a success:-

• 7 stage automated conditioning process for any 12V battery

• LCD screen showing battery condition and charge status

•Free wall bracket and two choices of connection lead included: clip-on or permanent connection with
waterproof cap

• Simply plug it in and let it take care of your battery!

• Accessories include extension leads, cigarette lighter leads (suitable for cars, Goldwings and BMWs)

For more information call Oxford on 01993 862 300 or visit www.oxprod.com