May 17 2010.

Oxford offers a wide range of handy ways to strap things onto bikes and they all pass the company's rigorous safety tests, as well as any independent tests.

The latest exciting stretchy thing to enter the range is the Xtend. RRP £3.99. It's a TUV safety approved bungee cord which gets around the one big problem with bungees - they're only as adjustable in the sense that they stretch.

The Xtend is entirely adjustable in length thanks to some rather clever cleat-endowed hooks and can be
made smaller or larger with a deft flick of the wrist, which means you can use it in any number of situations and to attach all shapes and sizes of load.

Other recent additions to the stretchy range are:-

• OF177 Cargo Net XL (15") £7.99 (for all those wide boys out there)

• OF174 Double Bungie (9mm x 600mm) £2.50 (for when a single bungie is not enough)

For more information call Oxford on 01993 862 300 or visit www.oxprod.com