May 18 2010.

HJC has grown from being a volume producer of good quality, everyday helmets to high-tech manufacturer in a
relatively short space of time. Being the biggest selling helmet brand in the world has its advantages; huge economies
of scale have enabled the company to make unparalleled levels of investment in research and development. HJC's
team of engineers enjoys the largest helmet development facility in the world; their own full-scale wind tunnel; full
crash test facilities; ground-breaking manufacturing techniques using bespoke materials; top level track exposure.
HJC has been steadily increasing its race involvement every year for the past decade and is now competing at the
highest level in Moto GP with rookie wonder boy Ben Spies. The helmets used on the track have all been
developments of standard road models, necessitating a degree of compromise. All that changes with the
breakthrough R-PHA 10 model just launched to the world and hitting your screens atop Mr Spies from the next race

The entire helmet is radically smaller, lighter and stronger than anything HJC has ever made.
- 3 shell sizes to minimise material content

- Advanced PIM construction produces exceptional rigidity and elasticity due to cross-linked, 3D, toughened
Epoxy twill blend: Fibreglass Twill Epoxy Prepreg, Organic Non-Woven Fabric, Aramaid Twill Epoxy Prepreg
and Ultra High Molecular Polyetylene

- Components optimised (e.g. visor mech re-engineered to shave 40g off each side) for max weight 1250g

The helmet comes complete with all the elements you need to hit the track running
- Centrally locking QR visor with dual tear-off/ Pinlock pins and insert provided;

- Tinted visor (also pre-prepared as above) and anti-rain treatment provided

Comfort is not compromised in any way
- Expensive Ginkofresh anti-bacterial, wicking liner is silk-like to the touch and fully removable

- Fit is optimised for high speed use and provides a large aperture for good visibility

- Wind tunnel developed shape and ventilation system for high speed stability and massive cooling

The R-PHA 10 is available in:-
• 5 colour ways: 5 multis + plain black

• 6 sizes: XS-XXL (54-64cm)

RRP is £279.99 for plain black and £299.99 for graphics and features include:-
• 2 visors: 1 clear, 1 tinted

• Anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-sweat "Ginkofresh" lining (fully removable)

• Quick release (very) visor with locking system for high speed use

• Removable chin curtain and breath guard

• ACS (advanced channelling system) ventilation moulded into the EPS

• Double D-ring fastening

• ACU Gold stamp

For more information call Oxford on 01993 862 300 or visit