April 26 2007.

Following the success of its Cold Killers range of windproof clothing, Knox has developed the Dry Inside base layer clothing system for summer riding and track use. It is the first cotton base layer for motorcyclists to keep the wearer cool and dry thanks to revolutionary 3XDRY® technology. This is particularly important for motorcyclists as most bike clothing has a synthetic lining, (usually made from polyester), which prevents the skin from breathing freely, making the wearer hot, sticky and uncomfortable.

3XDRY® treatments combine two technologies into one textile: on the outside the textile is finished with a water-repellent function, whereas on the fabric's inside it absorbs perspiration. This treatment does not affect the appearance, feel or the air permeability of the fabric.

Dry on the inside:
Moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed from the inner side of the textile with 3XDRY® treatment and distributed over a large surface area, before and escaping to the outside. This stimulates a cooling effect.

Dry on the outside:
The 3XDRY® treatment reliably repels moisture, reducing the effect of dirt and stains (ideal for beer drinking and curry eating too). As only the inside of the textile absorbs moisture, perspiration marks are practically invisible from the outside.

Dry in a flash:
The distribution of the moisture over a large surface area ensures rapid evaporation. Therefore, textiles with 3XDRY® dry noticeably faster. Knox Dry Inside is machine washable - simply turn inside out and iron to refresh its 3XDRY® properties.

The Dry Inside short sleeve top sells for £27.99 and the long sleeve version for £29.99. The long pants cost £24.99. They are all produced in a choice of black/white or black/orange in sizes XS - XXL.

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