April 28 2007.

Micron has announced the launch of its award-winning MotoGP exhaust end-cans for the all-new Suzuki GSX-R1000K7.

With its three-way adjustable engine mapping system, the K7 has not only impressed the world's motorcycle media, but took Max Biaggi to his debut World Superbike victory in the opening race of the 2007 championship and is leading the way in the AMA Superbike series.

Micron's Hydroformed MotoGP end-can received the 2006 MCN Award for Product of the Year and, in addition to the original satin, is available in black and polished steel finishes for 2007.

Micron's GSX-R1000K7 twin MotoGP units are 'E' marked, fully road-legal and come with a road-legal removable baffle. With the removal of the insert, the MotoGP silencers are transformed into full race-specification. Equally, the unique, sculptured styling of Micron's MotoGP silencers transforms the GSX-R1000's familiar lines and reduces the bulky impression of the original equipment.

The MotoGP silencers bolt directly onto the Suzuki's standard headers or may be used in conjunction with Micron's Hydroformed Serpent race header system. Used alone, the twin silencers reduce the overall weight of the GSX-R1000 by 1.5kg. With the Serpent pipework, this weight saving is increased to more than 7kg - approximately 50% lighter the standard system.

With the baffle removed, Micron's MotoGP silencer adds three bhp to the GSX-R1000K7's midrange and five bhp at peak power. When combined with the full Hydratech pipework - which is available in the UK only through Crescent - this increases to seven bhp in the midrange and a 10bhp boost at the top end.

"The GSX-R1000 has become the benchmark modern sportsbike," said Micron's managing director, Mick Slater, "and we're delighted that Micron's MotoGP system has become such an iconic aftermarket exhaust product for sportsbikes."

He added: "We believe that the beautiful lines and three individual finish options of our MotoGP - in addition to its weight-saving and power-boosting properties - will make it as popular with GSX-R1000K7 owners as it has become with other sportsbike owners."

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