May 7 2007.

Sdoc100 Power Gel is a unique motorcycle-cleaning product from Germany that is acid free, yet delivers results without the danger of corrosion associated with many popular brands. It is even claimed to protect the bike from corrosion after cleaning!

Simply spray the entire machine with the Sdoc100 Power Gel, leave for five minutes and then rinse off with jet spray. Heavily soiled areas may require 30 minutes and a wipe with a sponge. Thanks to its acid-free formula, there is no time pressure to rinse off the gel, which is also safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Sdoc100 Power Gel is a distinctive formula manufactured specifically for the UK by Dr OK Wäck Chemie, the company that produces Germany's best-selling bike cleaning brand. The liquid gel ensures that the cleaning fluid is particularly adhesive so that it gets to work where it's needed. The gel containers 'builders' that dislodge particles of dirt with an ionic charge, while its active grease-solvent formula contains surface active agents, which remove the toughest dirt, including insects, road grime and even spun-off chain lube.

Sdoc100 Power Gel doesn't just clean, it also protects. It contains corrosion inhibitors, which are particularly useful on Britain's 'salty' winter roads and a UV filter, to prevent discolouration and aging of plastic bodywork panels.

This sophisticated cleaner even contains polymers to ensure a spot free sheen without the need for polishing.

Sdoc100 Power Gel is available in 1L spray bottles priced at £12.99 and in 1L refills at £10.99.

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