May 15 2007.

The inventor of the revolutionary Scaphoid Protection System [SPS] inadvertently put his creation to the ultimate test, demolishing his limited edition Yamaha R46 motorcycle in the process.

James Hawkes, a mechanical engineer, designed the SPS following two earlier motorcycle crashes, in both of which he broke his scaphoid, (a small bone in the hand that connects the thumb to the wrist). He had the idea patented and approached British impact protection specialists Knox to put it into production. The first gloves incorporating SPS were displayed at the German Intermot show in autumn 2006. By spring 2007 James received his own pair of Teknic Speedstar gloves (their first to incorporate SPS) and purchased a brand new Yamaha R46 'Rossi replica' to celebrate.

Just a few weeks later, while riding down a popular biking road in Essex, he lost control of the machine on a tight bend and was thrown from the bike, which crashed into a tree.

"I could see my brand new bike very misshapen, the forks completely destroyed with the wheel buried towards the engine."

James was fortunate to escape serious injury and for the first time his vulnerable scaphoid emerged in tact too.

"It didn't actually occur to me at the time to look at the gloves, I was too busy wondering how to explain my embarrassing mishap," he explains. "When I finally did a day or so later I felt rather justified at the outcome. The [SPS] sliders fitted to the lower palm are designed to make contact with the road and eliminate the grab effect of normal gloves, massively reducing the potential of hyperextension and Scaphoid injury and they had done just that. The marks on the sliders showed they had contacted the road when I put my hand out to break my fall. No other marks were visible on the gloves."

Knox SPS is currently available on selected gloves from Teknic, Weise, & Polo.

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