May 16 2007.

Ventura has added fitting kits for the Ducati 1098 and Honda CBR600RR7 to its extensive range of aerodynamic luggage systems. Ventura sales have increased over recent years because its compact design and high-speed stability make it ideally suited for sports bikes in general and those with high-level exhausts, which are unsuitable for panniers and tail packs, in particular.

"At 180 mph I didn't even know it was there"
Ventura uses a frame-mounted slip-on luggage system that is custom-made for a hassle free and perfect fit. It is well suited to high performance machines because it is aerodynamic and does not add to the width of the motorcycle. When riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat so that it does not affect the handling or stability of the bike, (Ventura has been independently tested at over 180mph). When riding two-up it is turned around, over the rack, leaving the pillion with the maximum amount of space (unlike panniers). If no luggage is required, the Pack and Rack can be replaced in seconds with a Grab Handle or Sport Rack.

Ventura packs are produced in 35, 45 and 55 litre sizes, which is comparable to most soft luggage panniers and larger tail packs. It is also possible to zip together two 45 litre Spada packs to give a massive 90-litre carrying capacity.

Uniquely flexible soft luggage system custom-made for over 1,100 motorcycles
The systems pictured feature L-brackets, Pack-Rack and 45-litre capacity Spada Pack, (in black, red or blue), giving a total cost of £216.97. The Sport Rack costs £36.99 and the Grab Handle is £19.99.

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