May 21 2007.

There will be countless times, when its just not been possible to locate a bolt or hold a nut in the right place, as either something else is in the way, or the space is to tight, to get a regular spanner / socket in place.

Fledgling precision engineering company Hexhold Limited, today announces the launch of their unique and patented new product 'Hexhold', an ingenious collection of spanners and what's more, they are Made in England!

This new product is set to take the engineering world by storm; a resourceful invention that allows users to locate a bolt, or hold a nut, in places other spanners simply cannot reach. As with all successful inventions, this product is simple, yet very effective. Early research showed many testers words were 'Why didn't I think of that?' and 'I want one in my toolbox!'

The unique design is centred on the 'spanner' sliding onto the users finger which provides incredible flexibility and usability. No longer will there be the days, when tightening a bolt is impossible as something else is in the way!

The Hexhold metric spanners, of which there are 5 in total, measure from 5.5mm to 13mm. All are manufactured from CS70 grade Spring Steel and are made in England; in the companies own plant in Romford, Essex. Once formed, they are hardened, tempered and finished with a bright zinc plate. Quality is an important factor for such a tool and therefore, the product has undergone rigorous testing. A massive 200,000 insertion cycles are achieved before any signs of failure are visible. To put that in context, the spanner can be used five times a day and still last 109 years!

Peter Brennan, Chairman, Hexhold Limited said, "We sat down with our newly formed engineering and R&D team and brain stormed a number of problems that we face in our every day lives both at work and at home.

A common problem continually arose which was to locate and tighten nuts and bolts that were located in blind or awkward places. We conducted some early research which shows this is a familiar problem for professional engineers' right through to the home hobbyist. This led us to produce our unique range of precision spanners that allow any user to complete their job easier and ultimately, quicker!'

The spanner range are housed in a rugged box made from Polycarbonate and ABS materials keeping the tools safe in the toughest of environments. With the additional benefit of a clear plastic lid, that allows ease of identification and selection of the right size tool.

The design patented products are currently only available from the Hexhold webshop, www.hexhold.com  launch price is £24.99 plus postage and packing. As the production volumes ramp the company fully intend to establish long term sales via a range of Distributors and Retailers throughout the world.