June 2 2010.

California Superbike School's recent tests of the new Scottoiler eSystem have proved it to be a big hit on track and now all California Superbike School's hire and coach bikes will have Scottoiler eSystems installed to reduce maintenance time and increase chain life on the race track.

Not only does the Scottoiler eSystem significantly reduce chain and sprocket wear but it also cushions the transmission, making the throttle response smoother and by reducing friction in the chain it improves performance at the rear wheel too. California Superbike School is kept busy all year and a Scottoiler is the perfect product for such an organisation as it can be adjusted to suit different weather conditions.

Riding coach Andy Peck explains the benefits of the eSystem: "This new Scottoiler eSystem is almost too easy to fit. The built in accelerometer senses when the bike is moving, so the unit not only switches itself on and off but it also shows on the dash display how hard you are accelerating."

For further information contact Scottoiler on +44 (0)141 955 1100 or email