June 8 2010.

As the wireless revolution progresses there are increasing sources of radio interference that commonly affect the ability for owners to arm and disarm vehicle alarms - park near to a mobile phone mast and you will understand!

Acumen's next generation motorcycle alarm, the Tempest Cat1, features a Superhet receiver that reduces transmitter interference from spurious radio waves. Short for super heterodyne, Superhet technology enables the receiver in the alarm to lock onto the signal from the transmitter in the key fob and ignore other radio interference in the environment.

Tested and approved to Thatcham Category 1 (the UK's highest 'insurance standard') the Tempest Cat 1 comes with a new compact fob as well as the popular flip-key version and has an automatic Intelligent Battery Sense™ 3-stage power saving mode too, making it ideal for motorcycles that are unused for long periods of time. Customers can also use the fob to programme their alarm, choosing from 14 siren tones, and can activate the Tempest's optional turn signal reminder, which will alert the rider if they are flashing excessively!

Like its predecessors, the Tempest has not one, but THREE sirens - the main siren is reinforced with two back-up sirens that are located behind a metal plate and powered by a separate driver circuit for added security.

Acumen is the only manufacturer to encapsulate the electronics in resin and use automotive-specification waterproof connectors for ultimate reliability; hence the Tempest is covered by a 3-year warranty.

RRP is £329.99 including fitting and VAT.

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