May 24 2007.

The new Avon Viper Xtreme is a road legal tyre with a focus on dry track day use

Visibly similar to the rest of the Viper family, the concentration on dry use allows the tyre's surface to feature fewer grooves, further apart. This minimal tread enhances grip as Xtreme can lay more of the fast-warming, soft compound rubber on the track.

Advanced Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) is Avon's construction method using a jointless belt of Aramid fibres, wrapped around the tyre's circumference. These are closely spaced at the centre of the tread for stability, but become more widely spaced towards the tyre's shoulder. This allows a degree of flex to broaden the footprint at high lean angles. The Viper Xtreme is Avon's first front tyre to exploit this technology.

Keeping composure comes courtesy of Avon's Advanced Tread Arc Combination [ATAC] profile, varying the tread character across the tyre for neutral contours, ensuring smoother transition on lean angle changes with maximum stability.

Absorbing the stresses associated with exceptional grip levels and high-power machinery are dealt with by a Spiral Belted Carcass [SBC], positioned beneath the A-VBD. At the same time as bolstering strength, rear tyre weight has also been reduced. The Viper Xtreme benefits from a mono-ply casing construction as opposed to a standard two-ply construction, feeding in an improved level of rider 'feel'.


120/70 ZR17 180/55 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17

Available May 2007.

For your nearest stockist contact 01225 707050 or visit www.avonmotorcycle.co.uk