June 14 2010.

Lucas is a major aftermarket brand and as part of its rejuvenation under the stewardship of Manbat, the product range is being extended further to include Lucas motorcycle batteries.

The Lucas Motorcycle range of batteries caters for virtually every motorcycle application, from road and sport to scooters. It also covers many motorcycle related applications such as ATV's, jet-ski and snowmobiles.

The range covers conventional flooded, VRLA sealed and high performance Gel Liquifix Batteries, with capacities from 2.3 to 32 Ah/20hr. Lucas battery chargers are also available in the motorcycle range

The Lucas motorcycle range combines durability, performance and value and dovetails perfectly with the full range of VARTA batteries, for the specialist motorcycle and other relevant off-road applications.

The Lucas brand is under continuous development to ensure that it provides an ever more attractive opportunity for Manbat's valued customers.

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