June 5 2007.

Bikesure dealers can now get copies of issue three of 'InFlux'. Published by Bikesure's parent company Adrian Flux Insurance, 'InFlux' is available in strictly limited quantities and is designed to be read by a dealer's preferred customers for free.

No matter how smart the showroom or how personal the service, there's always a dead spot where customers will have to wait for service and look around for something to read. Lesser dealers have a few dog-eared old copies of the popular magazines, and if the customer's lucky, it's an old bike magazine. If they are extra-lucky, they haven't read it before. Or it's 'Take A Break'. It's enough to drive you 'Nuts'!

"InFlux came about because we realised that an exclusive, glossy magazine that's a great read can really make the difference to how a customer feels about the dealer", said Robert Balls of Bikesure. "It says a lot about a dealer if they've got something of this quality on show - or to give to a good customer to take home".

Issue 3 covers racing, motorbikes, concepts, superbrands, modifieds, luxury hounds and oily-rag enthusiasts, legends and rebels, drifting and classics. The new magazine has been produced by Future Publishing - the name behind enthusiast titles such as Fast Bikes and Total Vauxhall - and is designed to keep customers intrigued if they have to wait, and grateful if the dealer lets them take it home.

Copies of InFlux 3 are now available on request from Flux and Bikesure's dealer support team by emailing craig.darwin@adrianflux.co.uk  

Bikesure has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including schemes for performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders. For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000, email the company at bikesure@adrianflux.co.uk or visit www.bikesure.co.uk