December 16 2005.

The OptiMate III, widely regarded as the power sports industry's premier automatic battery maintenance charger, gets a facelift for 2006, alongside several other practical upgrades.
OptiMate has built its reputation by helping to protect batteries from problems caused by alarms draining power, old age or lack of regular use.  The most obvious changes are the new moulded housing of enhanced ABS, which has revised internal architecture to provide an IP42 degree of protection. In practice this means splash-proof, hence the SP designation.  The control panel has also had a re-design, making it easier to follow the current  status of the OptiMate - maintaining, charging or de-sulphate mode.
Other less obvious, but equally useful, updates include enhanced temperature regulation, to keep the external surfaces of the housing temperature below 60°C ("ouch-temperature" for most of us starts at +/- 65°C) at high ambient temperatures.  There is also a new self-discharge check that will alert owners to shorted cells.
The Optimate III SP retails for £44.99 inc. VAT and is supplied with a waterproof connection lead that can be connected to the battery, and then routed to an exposed position where it can be conveniently connected to the Optimate and traditional crocodile clip style connectors.

For information contact Motohaus Powersports on 01256 704909 www.motohaus.com