December 20 2005.
Ducati Release:
The Board of Directors of Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.has approved, among other items, the following:
1) An accrual on the 2005 Profit and Loss of a Euro 13.0 million restructuring reserve to support the reduction of dealer bike stock and to readdress and retrain the organizational structure of the Company;
2) The call of an Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on January 24, 2006 (first call) and January 26, 2006 (second call), to grant the Board of Directors powers to increase the Company's share capital, for consideration and in one or more instances, over a period of five years, up to a maximum amount of Euro 80,0 million through the issuance of DMH ordinary shares to be offered to shareholders by way of subscription rights, and the subsequent amendment of Article 7 of the Company's By-laws.
In addition, the Board of Directors communicates that the industrial plan to relaunch the Company is being prepared and will be presented to the market as soon as possible.