March 15th 2005.
Cambrian Tyres has announced the launch of the new Continental Tyre Data Book & Price List 2005. The Conti guide includes fitment and safety advice for all current makes and models. It provides details of the new Sport Attack radial, which will be available for most modern sportsbikes.
The 2005 Cambrian Tyres price list and fitment guide (known as 'The Book') includes tyres from all seven of the major manufacturers. Cambrian claims The Book is the most comprehensive fitment guide available in the UK. It features a new 'Track Day' section, an expanded technical section, and includes both economy and ATV ranges.
There is a 'Special Offers' supplement that lists exclusive deals on popular tyres. Cambrian has a sales and technical support team with a long history of experience in the tyre industry. Next-day delivery is offered on all tyres, and up to 100,000 are held in stock at any one time.
To order your copy, contact: 01970 624004.