June 20 2007.

IKON has developed replacement shocks and fork springs for the Triumph Scrambler that will provide owners with increased comfort and stability, thanks to the use of progressive rate spring technology. At 205KG the Scrambler is relatively heavy and will benefit from progressive suspension, particularly for cruising at higher speeds or carrying passenger/luggage.

In a progressive rate spring, the distance between the individual coil windings differs, so when riding solo the spring operates in the wide coiled section, where it can easily compress to deliver a comfortable ride. When riding with a passenger or luggage a firmer spring is needed. Under these conditions, the spring moves in its more tightly wound stiffer area to give the right combination of a smooth ride and a high load capacity.

The IKON rear shocks are derived from Koni Dial-a-Ride technology, with 4-way click adjustable damping and they also have the facility to be rebuilt. All IKON shocks are individually dyno tested and checked before leaving the factory in Australia. They are available with black springs, priced at £269.08 inc. VAT per pair. For owners wishing to create a more authentic Sixties appearance, IKON offers a version with chrome springs and shrouds retailing for £310.20.

The replacement fork springs also use progressive rate technology, which means that the forks will move more readily on rippled surfaces & will not dip so severely under heavy braking conditions. They retail for £78.14 inc. VAT.

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