June 21 2007.

German luggage specialists Bags Connection has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of carrying and charging electronic accessories (like mobile 'phone, sat nav or camcorder) with the new 12V Quick Lock tank bag collection.

The bags attach to the tank without straps or magnets, using the company's unique Quick Lock technology. This creative design enables the tank bag to be easily and safely mounted onto the fuel tank by using a tailor made socket that bolts securely to the tank filler cap - ideal not only for plastic and alloy tanks but also for the radically-shaped ones on which magnetic tank bags struggle to adhere. The patented socket design enables the bag to be removed in seconds so that the filler cap to be accessed in the normal fashion without any hindrance.

The new Quick Lock Power Socket uses the power supply from the bike's electrical system and bolts directly onto existing mounting points around the filler cap. Riders can select a variety of different tank bags of different shapes and sizes from the Bags Connection range, all of which can be fitted directly to the socket. Power is delivered into the tank bag via the Dual Power Supply outlet, which has one regular 'cigar-lighter' socket and additional smaller BSK 12 outlet. For safety, a relay ensures that power is only delivered to the socket when an accessory is plugged into it. In addition to universal outlets this offers further useful features like map illumination and internal tank bag lights. The Power Socket retails for £46.47 and the Dual Power Supply Outlet for £22.00.

There are various tank bag options, from the ultra-compact Daypack 2 to the more spacious Engage Sport.

With it's moulded shell and expandable carrying capacity of 5-7 litres, the Daypack 2 makes the perfect 'glove box' for sport and touring motorcycles, enabling riders to keep close to hand all of those items needed in a hurry keys, e.g. 'phone, wallet, tickets, drink, etc. It sells for £53.53.

The Quick-Lock Engage Sport is perfectly suited for sport and supersport motorcycles, since the base profile of the tank bag works well with long flat tanks, which are typical of these machines. It offers a generous 22-litre carrying capacity (the dimensions are 370 x 320 x 190 mm) and has two side compartments, one of which is detachable and can be used as a hip pack. It costs £131.11.

Quick Lock Power Sockets are available in designs to fit all major Japanese and European brands of motorcycle.

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