June 27 2007.

Skidmarx has developed a hugger for the new Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja that includes an ingenious two-piece chain guard to follow the curves of the 125HP sports bike's Uni-Track swinging arm.

Huggers are not merely a styling accessory, they have a practical side too, as they offer under-body, shock and linkage protection and Skidmarx frequently introduces new applications ahead of the motorcycle manufacturers.

Skidmarx manufactures its huggers in the UK from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic = 'fibreglass'), which is surprisingly light - the ZX-6R model weighs less than 700g. This material can also be manufactured in many exciting shapes. The ZX-6R hugger is sculpted to follow the line of the machine and is supplied with a separate curved panel that bolts onto the swing arm and acts as an extension to the hugger's integral chain guard. All Skidmarx huggers are designed to bolt directly to existing mounting points without modification and are supplied with all necessary fittings.

Skidmarx produce the ZX-6R hugger in black and lime green (other colour options are available on request), with prices starting from £69.95 inc. VAT. There is also a ultra light carbon fibre option for this model, which sells for £129.95. Most other popular motorcycles are covered - full details are available on the web site or in the free colour catalogue.

Contact by 'phone 01305 780808 or visit www.skidmarx.co.uk