June 27 2007.

The new VWK011 from Venhill will help to make bleeding the brakes a quicker, cleaner and less fiddly job than it can be. Most experts recommend changing the brake fluid once every two years or after every race if involved in motor sport.

The VWK011 is designed to draw the fluid through the bleed nipple at the brake calliper, without the need to operate the master cylinder with the pedal or lever. Because it is vacuum operated it ensures that all of the air is drawn out of the system. It also reduces the potential for spilling or splashing brake fluid, which is toxic and can easily blemish paintwork.

This robust piece of equipment has a cast aluminium body with a clear gauge & all brass internal parts. It is supplied with a comprehensive accessory kit, all packed in a compact carry case.

The hand-operated pump also allows static testing of all types of vacuum operated systems, not only for motorcycles, such as mechanical fuel pumps, carburettor vacuum control systems, fuel injection pressure regulators, EGR valves and many other applications besides.

The new VWK011 is available from Venhill at the retail price of £39.95 inc. VAT.

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