December 27 2005.

Tom Davis of Castle Vale in Birmingham has retired after 51 years continuous service with Watsonian.
Now aged 66, Tom started working at Watsonian Sidecars in the Greet district of Birmingham when he was just 15 years old. After a general apprenticeship he worked in various departments before being in charge of sidecar spare parts.
When the Company moved to Blockley in Gloucestershire, Tom stayed on, making a daily round trip of 95 miles to fulfil his new role of factory supervisor. In 1989 Watsonian merged with Squire sidecars, creating what is currently Europe's biggest and longest established manufacturer of sidecars, with a history dating back to 1912.
Many famous people have sat in sidecars made by Tom, including the current Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, who rode around his constituency in one last July.
The directors and staff made a presentation to bid Tom farewell on 21st December 2005.