July 2 2007.
Hyosung Motors and Machinery Inc., the manufacturer of Hyosung motorcycles, has been acquired by S&T Corporation of South Korea. While the Hyosung brand will continue, the manufacturing company producing Hyosung motorcycles has been renamed S&T Motors Co. Ltd.

Although founded as recently as 1979, S&T Corporation has become one of South Korea's biggest and most dynamic groups, comprising 13 group companies. S&T is a world leader in heat exchanger and several other industrial technologies.

Hyosung motorcycles are distributed in the UK by E. P. Barrus Ltd., based in Bicester. Matthew Gilder, general manager of the company's Vehicle Division commented: "S&T is very technology-driven, and has an ambition to be the best at what it does, rather than the biggest. There are likely to be synergies across the group companies that over time will benefit our customers and dealers. Hyosung is being very well received here, and S&T's industrial and financial support will take the brand and bikes to a new level."

S&T stands for 'Science and Technology. An English language web site is www.hisnt.com  The Hyosung web site is  www.hisntmotors.com  

There are currently 74 dealers in the UK and the uk website can be viewed at www.hyosung.co.uk