June 6 2007.

AirPro Premium Tyre Repair & Inflation Kits from Motohaus offer all motorcycle dealers an opportunity to make a profit from a well thought out and attractively packaged product that will be useful to all riders.

AirPro kits contain everything you need to fix a puncture and get back on the road, including a generous number of air canisters and special adaptor to control air flow, all packed in a compact carry pouch.

This neat kit is designed specifically for motorcycles and scooters, both with inner tubes and tubeless tyres. So inside the zipped nylon case you will find a reamer tool, to clean the punctured area, and a hook tool plus five rubber plugs to repair it. There is also a tube of rubber solution, a selection of rubber patches and even some sand paper for fixing inner tubes too.

Once the tyre has been mended, it can be re-inflated with one of the five 16g CO2 cartridges available (one should be sufficient to inflate a regular 180/55-17 rear tyre to approximately 32psi). AirPro have thoughtfully added a valve adaptor to the kit, so that airflow to the tyre may be controlled.

The complete kit weighs under 500g and measures just 15 x 10 x 5 cm so it is easy to carry and should fit beneath the seat of most modern motorcycles.

Price: £24.98 Including VAT at 17.5%

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