July 19 2007

AcuTrac's innovative motorcycle tracking system has displayed its fun side, tracking a cavalcade on monkey bikes as they travelled around Yorkshire to raise money for charity.

AcuTrac uses 3-stage tracking, including GPS 'satellite' technology, GSM 'mobile phone' technology and active RFID 'tagging' technology, allowing owners to pinpoint their bike's location in three different ways, depending on the circumstances. In addition to the security function, owners can log onto a password-protected website to view journeys that they have made, on road, track or dirt. Both road maps and 3D aerial views are available, providing not only a record of the route taken but also a fun visual memento.

The organisers of Monkey Monopoly approached AcuTrac to track their cavalcade of monkey bikes and support vehicles as it travelled over 300 miles through North, South, East and West Yorkshire, stopping at the sites on the Yorkshire edition of the Monopoly board game. They aim to raise £10,000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Using AcuTrac's GPS 'satellite' technology they were able to provide sponsors with a record of their trip over hills and dales.

The AcuTrac tracker retails for £499.99 including fitting and 12 months SIM card subscription (or for £599.99 including 3 years subscription).

Tel. 01264 359922, Email.

The image shows Monkey Monopoly organiser Dickon Tysoe of Bankstone Ltd on a Gorilla monkey bike.