July 20 2007.

The new revamped 2G Evolution speed clutch is available for the following engines: Derbi, Gilera, Piaggio, Honda, Kymco, Peugeot and Yamaha Minarelli.

The whole clutch assembly is the result of a new project: the back plate shoes-holder, distinguishes itself thanks to the fact that it is made from a single one piece plate with special highly resistant steel, thanks to the lost-wax casting technology, which allows extraordinary precision. The mechanical processing is further enhanced by advanced CNC machined centres, which allows reduced geometrical tolerances and a perfectly balanced clutch. New fusion of materials characterising the shoes, has allowed an increased mass of 15%; this feature allows a better and more forceful engagement to transmission output. Another improvement is the frictional material's mix: containing aramidic fibres and technologically advanced resins. this allows the clutch to be better modulated, offering extraordinary resistance against both elevated temperature and the abrasion.

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