July 6 2010.

Carole Nash has restructured its long established Dealer Scheme, making it easier for dealers to generate fees by removing the need for referrals to be converted to a sale before a payment is triggered

From now members of the scheme will instead be paid £10 for every quote they generate. Dealers will be issued with new cards carrying a freephone number dedicated to serving enquiries made via dealers and quotes generated will be logged against individual dealers. Fees will then be paid directly into their bank accounts every month or quarterly if they opt for cheque payments.

Explaining the move Carole Nash's Dealer scheme manager Jason Fieldsend said: "Dealers made the point that no matter how many referrals they generated it was out in their hands whether they actually earned fees. If our sales staff didn't make the sale, the dealer didn't get the fee. Whilst appreciating the high conversion rates Carole Nash do secure they argued that it would be better, be fairer, if they were to be paid per lead. We've listened to their concerns, acted upon them and revamped the scheme to significantly widen their opportunities to earn."

The relaunch of the scheme - which has a dealer membership of over 2,000 - will be backed by new point-of-sale literature, cards and dispensers which will be available on request. Existing cards, which bear the same freephone number, will remain valid. In addition POS materials will be distributed by Motorcycle News' dealer representatives to members of its Destination Dealer initiative. As a further incentive MCN and Carole Nash have agreed that each quarter the Destination Dealer member securing the highest number of referrals will have an existing ad booking doubled in size, free of charge. "We have agreed to co-fund this as part of a wider agreement with MCN's publisher, Bauer, to further back the trade," explained Mr. Fieldsend.

Dealers wanting further details, to join the scheme or to order POS materials can call Jason Fieldsend on 0771 768 6439 or email him at