July 24 2007.
Acutrac has spotted the BEN charity riders entering Moscow's Red Square at 3.36pm on Saturday 21st July, a week after leaving Trafalgar Square. The team were riding a 1000cc Suzuki V-Strom followed by a support vehicle to provide emergency assistance should the need arise.

Acutrac fitted one of their unique 3-stage trackers to the bike prior to departure. The Acutrac device is much smaller than most commercially available vehicle trackers (it is no bigger than many mobile 'phones) and uses 3-stage tracking, including GPS satellite technology, GSM mobile 'phone technology and active RFID tagging technology, allowing owners to pinpoint their bike's location in three different ways, depending on the circumstances. In addition to the security function, owners can log onto a password-protected website to view journeys that they have made, on road, track or dirt. Both road maps and 3D aerial views are available, providing not only a record of the route taken but also a fun visual memento.

Using the Acutrac system the three riders have been tracked as they rode 1,500 miles across Europe, moving through Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and finally into Russia. Talking via cell phone from Lithuania, trip coordinator John Sirett, commented, "It's been a fabulous experience so far. We've travelled through several countries and seen some incredible scenery. The V-Strom has performed exactly as we expected, munching miles with ease and without any mechanical support whatsoever."

The Acutrac tracker retails for £499.99 including fitting and 12 months SIM card subscription (or for £599.99 including 3 years subscription).

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