January 12 2006.
Yamaha plans to increase motorcycle production in both Vietnam and India.
The company had planned to produce 420,000 motorcycles in Vietnam in 2007. It has now upgraded its manufacturing plan to 500,000 units a year beginning as early as 2007. The increase is due in part to a relaxation of manufacturing restrictions in that nation.
In India, the firm will step up the development of its sales network to meet the growing demand for motorcycles there. Yamaha Motor plans to produce 500,000 to 600,000 cycles a year in India in the near term. It had planned to assemble 360,000 bikes there in 2007.
According to the medium-term business plan it announced in January 2005, Yamaha Motor was to produce 350,000 motorcycles in Vietnam this year and 420,000 in 2007, but production increases are continuing in Vietnam at a faster-than-anticipated clip, putting the company on track to top 500,000 motorcycles as early as 2007.
The firm produced an estimated 250,000 motorcycles in India in 2005.

Source: The Nikkei Business Daily