July 27 2007.

The TirePro gauge from Californian workshop specialists CruzTOOLS offers regular riders the same level of performance as the kit found in the toolboxes of professional mechanics or in the race pits.

Dial-type tire gauges are particularly popular in motor sport because they're very accurate and easy to read. The TirePro gauge has a 50mm diameter face with markings up to 60 PSI (and also to 400 KPA) for quick and easy reference.

CruzTOOLS have also designed the TirePro gauge to be easy to use, so it has a 12" flexible hose that makes even hard-to-get-to valves accessible, while a built-in valve lets you "bleed" down to the desired pressure. Its robust metal-bodied dial is protected by a rubber boot for durability.

The CruzTOOLS TirePro dial gauge weighs under 250 grams so it is not cumbersome to carry in a toolbox or on a bike. It retails for £11.71 inc. VAT and carries a Lifetime Guarantee.

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