January 19 2006.

Acumen, the UK's leading motorcycle electronics manufacturer, has launched a smart battery charger that looks completely different from anything else on the market and is supplied with the most comprehensive selection of accessories.
Like most popular smart chargers, this microprocessor-based unit test charges, maintains and recovers batteries automatically.  However, it is housed in a splash proof, attractive and robust extruded aluminium casing.
On the front of the casing are simple-to-interpret indicator lights, which warn of incorrect polarity and advise of battery condition and charging status.  An internal buzzer to advise of incorrect polarity connection or an irrecoverable sulphated battery backs this up.  What really makes the Acumen Platinum smart charger stand out from the competition is the collection of must-have accessories supplied as standard.
·        Waterproof eyelet lead with waterproof fuse for permanent connection to battery.
·        Crocodile lead for temporary connections to battery.
·        3-metre extension lead.
·        UK and European mains leads.
·        Wall bracket with fixings.
All of this comes packed in a durable steel presentation case that is ideal for storing the charger and accessories in the garage - or even your spare nuts and bolts!
The Acumen Platinum Charger retails for £44.99 inc. VAT

Tel. 01264 359922