January 19 20006.

An Englishman's home is supposed to be his castle, but according to research by the BMF, around 80% of motorcycles are stolen from the owner's home address.  The new Garage Alarm with Autodialler from XENA offers extra protection on two levels in a simple-to-install package.
Once installed in the corner of the garage, the XENA Garage Alarm with Autodialler can detect movement over a range of 20 feet through its PIR (Passive Infra Red) detector beam.  When movement is detected a 130dB siren is triggered - that is louder than a chain saw (115-120db according to HSE figures).  Secondary protection is provided through the autodialler, which will call a pre-programmed telephone number to alert the owner to the attack.  It is possible to programme up to three telephone numbers into the alarm, all of which will be called if activated.  The PIR beam operates through 90° vertically and 140° horizontally, giving an incredible sweep of an enclosed area.
Owners can customise the message transmitted by the alarm, as it can be recorded directly into the unit.  There is also an option to operate the unit in silent mode. 
The XENA Garage Alarm with Autodialler is powered by x 4 AAA batteries and is designed to be hung on the garage wall with a single screw.  It can be connected to a standard telephone wall socket via a cable that is supplied with the unit.  Owners can arm and disarm the unit by entering a 4-digit code on the key pad - the code number of choice can be programmed by the owner during the set-up procedure. 
Retail price: £49.98 including VAT at 17.5%

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