July 15 2010.

Business is booming at Harris Performance, the legendary chassis, racing and engineering consultancy.

The Hertfordshire based firm is busy on all fronts and whilst its latest racing projects continue to attract most attention, the past is literally catching up on the company, with an ever-increasing demand for original Harris Magnum parts and even complete machines!

"The old jigs are out and we are building complete F1 spec Harris Magnum machines from the late 70s and early 80s for customers who know what they want and have the money to pay for it," explains Steve Harris.

"Of course some of the original non-Harris component parts are no longer available, but this sort of customer understands that, and they also appreciate the improvements in things like tyres, brakes and suspension, so we can deliver the spec that they want and dial it all in for them at delivery."

Suspension supply and set-up has long been a Harris speciality and although the company is no longer the sole distributor of Ohlins suspension products, that part of the business remains strong, with a wide range of trade, retail and major national and international teams relying on the company's unrivalled knowledge and experience of Ohlins products. "It's one thing selling a shock. It's another thing selling the right shock for the job and then setting it up and supplying a full back up service," explains Steve Harris.

The Harris Moto2 GP project with the Spanish Promo team has drawn some attention in the early part of the season, but the company has been playing it cool. "We started with a good basic development chassis and we have continued to work quietly and methodically on that in both the Moto2 GP events with the Promo team and within the highly competitive Spanish national Moto2 championship, which we are actually leading," explains Lester Harris.

"We took the decision to work with good development riders for year one, rather than race winners, because we want to look at the long term involvement in this important class. We have already had other teams wanting to change to our chassis, but we want to pick the time when we can provide, not just a top chassis, but a full support and set-up service to those customer teams.

"Now we are working on our phase two development chassis, which will form the basis for a production chassis, and we are working on the aerodynamics and refining the overall package."

Unsurprisingly, the company is also keeping a close eye on the Moto3 class, but is waiting for the rules and regulations to be finalised. Harris was of course a leading light in the old Supermono class and has a stack of knowledge and data on single cylinder chassis design.

Other Harris projects grabbing the headlines include the development and supply of the race kits for the Henderson Harley-Davidson XR1200 series and a road equipped version of the race bike which MCN tester Michael Neeves raved about recently.

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