August 21 2007.
The Motor Cycle Industry's programme A Street, A Track, An Open Road is due to be screened on Men and Motors in September.

The DVD has been edited into three parts, to create a succinct series that will feature rural, urban and track riding and will run on Thurs, 6th, 13th and 20th September from 8pm.

A Street, A Track, An Open Road features Chris Walker. who is joined by a motorcycle courier, Steve Manning, and former Head of Honda, Bob McMillan, on a set of riding challenges from the muddy B-roads of Hampshire to the hectic streets of London, as they are tasked with the delivery of an oversize package.

The three riders are judged by an expert panel, including James Toseland, and the film is narrated by Suzi Perry.

The DVD was produced to help promote safer riding and uses real-life situations with plenty of humour to put across the important messages. The three riders undertake a series of challenges in three different settings. The edited film has been prepared to feature the highlights from the three different sections.

For more information about A Street, A Track, An Open Road, go to the website  and for more scheduling details on Men and Motors visit