August 23 2007.
Ever witnessed an accident and wished you knew First Aid?

The North West Ambulance Service has organised a "First Bike on Scene" (FBoS) course to provide the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the initial management of a casualty involved in a road traffic accident. FBoS has proved hugely successful since being launched in 2003 and is now available at 10 centres nationwide. The course is recommended to anyone who rides a motorcycle, or wishes to administer first aid, or manage the initial scene of a road traffic incident. Bikers are encouraged to give casualties necessary basic life support whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Five, one-day courses are being supported and promoted by Lancashire's RideSafe BackSafe, as Shelby Williams - Road Safety Officer and a member of the RideSafe BackSafe team - explains;-

"We talk to bikers and regularly attend bike meets in the North West region and many have witnessed accidents or seen the aftermath. Many have said they felt unable to do anything positive at the scene and wished that they had known the basics of First Aid to be able to help casualties in some way. Although the First Bike on Scene course focuses on motorcyclists and, for example, a demonstration of the correct procedure for removing a crash helmet, most of the techniques learnt would apply to any crash scene."

The first course was fully attended early in August and the other four dates are;-

· 13th October 2007

· 15th December 2007

· 22nd February 2008

· 29th March 2008

The course costs £59.00 per person (16+ years of age) and runs from 9.30am until 4.30pm at The Centre, Winery Lane, Walton Le Dale near Preston. A maximum of 12 students will be accommodated on each course.

Shelby Williams continues; " Members of the RideSafe BackSafe team have already attended the FBoS course and found it to be informative, relevant and useful. Instructors explain Trauma and the mechanism of injury, describe the correct procedure for spinal management and demonstrate Basic Life Support, as well as other First Aid techniques. Students will receive a Certificate of Competency approved and issued by The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh."

For more information, go to www.ridesafebacksafe.co.uk  To make a booking, call Barry Eagers at the North West Ambulance Service Training Centre on 0870 8330 999, or email barry.eagers@nwas.nhs.uk