August 24 2007.

Acumen has developed a Bluetooth intercom package using the acclaimed Interphone module complete with a specifically designed on-bike charger that enables users to top-up the unit's battery anytime, any place anywhere.

"When most people go touring on a motorcycle, they are limited in carrying capacity - so everything they can leave behind is a bonus. One of the things we don't want to carry with us is a mains charger - so we engineered a bespoke on-bike charger for the Interphone that plugs directly into the bike's battery," comments Acumen's Dave Martin.

The Bluetooth module will connect to a mobile 'phone or a GPS system and it may also be paired with another unit to function as either a rider-to-passenger or even a short-range bike-to-bike intercom. It can even 'toggle' between intercom and mobile 'phone modes.

The design is 100% waterproof (when the microphone is connected) and has BIG buttons, making is easy to operate even with gloves on. With a 700-hour standby and seven hours of hour talk time, this is a seriously useful piece of kit.

Acumen is marketing the system under the Acucom name and the package includes the Bluetooth module with a universal-fit boom microphone and slim speaker. Also included are two helmet fitting kits (1 x self-adhesive, 1 x screw-mount), a mains charger (for home use), an on-bike charger and a simple-to-follow instruction manual

The Acumen Acucom sells for £149.99 including the on-bike charger (worth £20.00 if purchased separately). Twin kits, for use as rider-to-passenger or even a short-range bike-to-bike intercom, cost £275 and are supplied with two on-bike chargers.

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