August 30 2007.
Victory Motorcycles has realigned its UK retail prices to reflect the recent favourability of the $US/£UK exchange rate and increasing production volumes in the United States, where the bikes are made.

Polaris, which owns the Victory brand, began manufacturing motorcycles just nine years ago from its base in Medina, Minnesota, and there are already 40,000 Victory riders in North America.

Whilst numbers in Britain are naturally smaller, Polaris Britain has seen year-on-year growth of Victory Motorcycles sales across the UK of between 10% and 20%.

Together with an exchange rate of around US $2 to £1 Sterling, the increased production volumes have allowed Victory Motorcycles in Britain to reduce the recommended retail price of the Vegas 8-Ball, for example, from £9,995 to £8,495. The price repositioning is applied to every model in the Victory Motorcycles range and is effective from 1 September 2007.

"It's fantastic news that the favourable exchange rate and higher production volumes in the US have allowed us to be more price competitive in the UK," said Polaris Britain general manager, Ross Clifford. "Victory Motorcycles are already top in the J D Power survey for customer satisfaction, and I'm sure this price realignment will put the range within many more motorcyclists' budgets.

"There are some great models in the 2007 line-up," added Clifford, "like the awesome Hammer S, which has been reduced in price by£1,500, so there's never been a better time to consider Victory."