September 3 2007.

Micron has announced the launch of a new CAT replacement pipe for the Suzuki GSX-R1000K7.

The Derbyshire-based exhaust specialist already has Serpent pipework and its award-winning MotoGP-style end-cans available for Suzuki's flagship sportsbike but the new CAT replacement is designed to provide a lightweight and affordable power and torque boost for owners.

Manufactured using Micron's famous Hydroform process, the CAT replacement pipe gives a weight saving of 2.5kg over the original catalyst box and, when used with the GSX-R1000's original exhaust system, offers a healthy 7.5bhp power boost and a torque increase of approximately 6ft.lbs in the mid-range.

When used with Micron's MotoGP-style silencers, power is increased by an even more impressive 8.3bhp, and all for an RRP of just £149.99 including VAT (Micron part no. CRS76).

The unit uses the original system's mounting points and lambda sensor and is completely interchangeable with the standard and Micron's replacement exhaust parts.

"This is the most cost-effective power gain for racers on a budget," said Micron's brand manager, Arthur Macdonald. "Combine this with a pair of our cans and you'll get more useable horsepower than with some competitors' full systems. I just don't think you can buy this sort of power increase for less money." 

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