July 26 2010.

Polaris has introduced a new diesel powered model to its Ranger Side by Side line-up. Low-cost, low-tax red diesel is the preferred fuel in most agricultural and utility applications.

The Ranger Diesel is powered by a 904cc diesel engine delivering 24hp and a claimed top speed of 35mph. A 34.1 litre fuel tank also means even fewer fills.

The Ranger Diesel offers the Polaris On Demand True All Wheel Drive system which automatically engages all four wheels when needed and then reverts back to 2WD on easier ground. Polaris VersaTrac turf mode allows operation on more sensitive terrain.

Built to carry up to a 1,500lbs (680.4 kg) payload of people and gear the new Ranger Diesel also boasts a 2,000lbs (907.2kg) towing capacity.

A key feature is independent suspension with 9" (22.9cm) of travel and there's a full 12" (30.5cm) of ground clearance.
Polaris' Lock and Ride accessories offer a versatile range of accessories that fit on or off the vehicle in seconds. Bumpers, brushguards, winches and a full line-up of cabs and cab components are available.

There's a multifunctional digital gauge with odometer, tachometer, gear and AWD indicator and an analogue speedometer. The steering can be tilted with 10" (25.4cm) of adjustability and the under-seat storage is conveniently removable.

For further information contact Polaris Britain. Tel: 0800 915 6720 Web: www.polaris-britain.com