July 26 2010.

BMW's highly sophisticated S1000RR has re-written the rulebook for litre bike performance, with its four-cylinder motor pumping out an incredible 190bhp at the rear wheel in stock, road legal form.

Improving such a highly tuned engine is usually difficult, but Yoshimura Japan has developed an EEC-approved slip-on Tri-Cone end can that not only maintains the S1000RR's low and mid-range power and torque characteristics, but also adds solid gains to peak power output, especially toward maximum rpm (see attached dyno chart).

Tailored to complement the S1000RR's aggressive lines the stainless steel Tri-Cone end cap is matched to a newly designed tapered silencer sleeve, with the usual Yoshimura attention to detail and quality.

Tech Specs are as follows; the weight of the stock can is 1.5kg

1A0-635-5B50. Stainless Sleeve/Stainless Cone. 1.4kg. £574.76.
1A0-635-5B20. Metal Magic Sleeve/Stainless Cone. 1.4kg. £655.23.
1A0-635-5B80. Titanium Sleeve/Stainless Cone. 1.2kg. £632.24.
1A0-635-5B80B. Titan Blue Sleeve/Stainless Cone*. 1.2kg. £712.71.

*The Titan Blue silencer is made to order and is available 7-10 days after ordering, excluding shipping time.

For more information on this or any other Yoshimura product contact 01782 569800 or visit www.phoenixnw.co.uk