September 7 2007.

There is nothing more frustrating then a day's plans ruined by a flat battery; be it the one on your car, motorbike, boat, caravan, golf cart, jet skis, quads or even a sit-on lawnmower.

Without active use a battery will lose its charge - no matter how new it is and especially in colder weather when many vehicles are left in storage. The Maximiser is one of the most advance battery optimisers on the market, much more sophisticated than a conventional charger.

Suitable for all types of 12v batteries, the triple mode, seven-stage charger not only helps to maintain an idle battery, but bring back ones that were previous thought irrecoverable. Designed so that it can be left constantly attached to a battery without damage, it constantly regulates the charge without drawing massive amounts of power from its mains supply. Maximiser can also be used to fast-charge a flat battery back into action.

The unit's back-lit digital display shows the exact condition of the battery and can indicate whether a battery is unrecoverable or not. And to protect itself from any garage accidents, Maximiser is encased in a robust cover.

Never fear when turning that ignition key or hitting that start button again.

RRP £50

The primary functions of the Maximiser are:

- Charge Mode Option - At the touch of a button choose between three charge rates, depending on the battery

- Backlit LCD Display - Shows real-time charging rate and both battery charge voltage and amperage.

- Battery Condition Adviser - Indicates if the battery is able to hold charge or is need of replacement

The Seven-stage charger works by:

- Tests battery connection polarity

- Analyses the battery and diagnoses condition

- Recovers gently, even heavily discharged batteries

- Bulk charges low batteries quickly

- Checks voltage retention

- Advises battery condition

- Maintains battery with a low current if the voltage drops below a set limit

Also includes:

- Wall bracket to keep it handy and out of harms way

- Hard-wearing outer case

- Extra long connection cables 

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