July 28 2010.

Specialist motorbike insurance broker Bikesure has increased the amount of commission paid to bike dealers in the UK as part of an improved referral scheme.                                                                                           

Bikesure works extensively with scooter, quad, trike, motorcycle and motorcycle parts dealers across the country to provide the cheapest possible quotes, all of whom can now earn £40 for each insurance policy bought as a result of their referral, up from £30.

Penny Smith, dealer co-ordinator, said: "We work closely with dealers across the country, and we're pleased to be able to offer them a little extra for the business they refer.

"Bike and parts dealers understand better than anyone the cost of motoring today, and at Bikesure we always endeavour to find their customers the best possible deal when they refer them to us."

To join the scheme free of charge, dealers simply need to phone Bikesure on 01553 845 527 to obtain a dedicated 'quote reference' or 'G' number for their dealership.

Dealers will then be sent cards featuring their unique "G" number which they can give to customers along with a selection of promotional literature to display in their dealerships.

They will then receive £40 commission for each customer who calls the dedicated dealer hotline - 0800 089 8070 - and quotes their unique 'G' number when taking out a policy with Bikesure.