July 29 2010.

The advent of digital technology has seen a rapid expansion of Bluetooth/GPS related products that provide you with assistance when on the move. Riding two wheels is one area that throws lots of problems at delicate equipment such as digital communications.

One of the leading manufacturers who have been behind the revolution is Interphone, who produce a small but exciting range of two wheeled communications systems.

Voice operated via your phone means you do not need to stop to take calls, and you can use your sat-nav, or mp3 player all via Bluetooth.

The Interphone range is as follows:

F2 - INTERPHONE F2 SINGLE UNIT. Like to keep things nice and simple? The Interphone F2 is perfect for the rider who likes to get a lot, for a little. Although the F2 is the entry-level model, it's still a seriously specified piece
of kit. F2 Single unit SRP price - £99.01 including VAT

F3 - INTERPHONE F3 TWIN UNITS. If you and your pillion have had enough of shouting at each other and waving arms about to try and get your respective points across, treat yourselves to the Interphone F3. Interphone F3 Twin units SRP price - £199.99 including VAT

F4 - INTERPHONE F4 SINGLE UNIT. Connect the F4 to two phones at once via Bluetooth and make voice activated hands-free calls; link to another F4 for rider-to-pillion or bike-to-bike communication up to 500 metres; sync with your sat-nav to receive step by step directions, and add your mp3 payer or iPod to listen to your favourite songs en-route. Interphone F4 Single unit - SRP price - £176.24 including VAT

F4 - INTERPHONE F4 TWIN UNITS. If you are looking for the ultimate Bluetooth motorcycle communication and entertainment system, you've found it. The Interphone F4 is packed with so many amazing features; you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Interphone F4 Twin units - SRP price - £323.13 including VAT

There is also a range of accessories to enable you to get more from your Interphone unit. All in all it's a great way to keep in touch whilst on the move.

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