September 18 2007.

ACEM's General Assembly has unanimously appointed KTM's CEO Stefan Pierer as the new President.

Pierer, 51, has been KTM's managing director and a principal shareholder in KTM since 1992. In 1987, Diplom-Ingenieur Pierer co-founded CROSS Industries AG, an investment company specialising in restructuring Austrian midsized industrial companies. With around 3,400 employees the CROSS group generates a turnover of more than € 900 million per year. Pierer studied business and energy management at Montanuniversität in Loeben, Austria.

After two successful mandates in office Herbert Diess (President of BMW Motorrad) stepped back from a Presidency highlighted by a constant growth in the membership and a special focus on research leading to the MAIDS report which accredited ACEM as an authoritative source of analysis in the sector of road safety and urban transport.

The General Assembly also confirmed Leo Francesco Mercanti (Managing Director of Aprilia and Piaggio vice-President) in his position of ACEM vice-President and elected BMW Motorrad's Executive VP Fritz Geri as ACEM's second vice-President.

ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, is the professional body representing the interests and combined skills of 11 powered two wheelers (PTWs) manufacturers owning 20 brands, and 14 national associations at European level out of 11 European countries. ACEM's affiliates represent a turn-over of 10 bn EURO in EU and assure jobs to over 100.000 people.

Stefan Pierer, ACEM President: "ACEM is committed to participate to the development of a sustainable integrated transport system. Mr Diess has steered our Association when the environment and social responsibility affirmed themselves as key elements of the public policy debate. I wish to work on the same common priorities and opportunities for the benefit of the PTW industry in Europe".