September 21 2007

Despite widespread awareness of environmental causes, over two thirds of bikers are unconcerned about their level of emissions, a survey by Bennetts Insurance, reveals.

The research, compiled from biking fans up and down the UK, examined the biking community's attitudes towards the environment - and how 'green' bikers really are. It found that 71% of bikers admit to never considering the carbon emissions of their bike and that 54% never think about the green credentials of a new purchase. In addition, just one in four (26%) of those questioned said they would consider purchasing either an electric bike or one that ran on alternative fuel.

However, the vast majority DID admit to making regular efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. 95% of those surveyed admitted that they had made changes to their biking routine to help the environment. These include not over-revving, reducing the amount of riding weight and not idling (standing still with the engine on). Almost one in two riders regularly pump up their tyres, which reduces fuel consumption, therefore helping the environment.

Bennetts' Marketing Director, Mark Fells said of the findings; "There is real evidence that environmental issues are becoming increasingly important within the biking community. Only five per cent of those we spoke to do nothing to cut down their carbon footprint, which shows how strongly many bikers feel about reducing their impact on the environment."