September 24 2007.

The company that produces Germany's best-selling bike cleaner manufactures Sdoc100 Visor wipes. They will help riders to keep their visors perfectly clean while on the road.

Whether trying to shift bugs in summer or grimy road spray in winter, cleaning a visor without the right materials can lead to permanent damage and an expensive replacement.

Sdoc100 Visor wipes are the answer. They use the same surfactant technology as the company's bike cleaning products. Simply lay the specially formulated wet wipe on the visor and allow to soak for 30-60 seconds then polish off with the dry wipe supplied for a clear, streak-free and transparent finish. Use on visors, helmets, headlights etc.

Sdoc100 Visor wipes are packed in a pocket-sized sealed pouch so they're easy to carry and are also suitable for the headlight and screen.

No wonder Sdco100 was voted best cleaning brand by Motorrad, Germany's No.1 motorcycle magazine.

Sdoc100 Visor wipes sell for just 78 pence each.

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