September 27 2007.

The 3ARC PanicButton combines mobile 'phone and satellite location monitoring technology in a slim and flexible waterproof pouch. With a single squeeze, the wearer can summon assistance via a 24x7 specialist support centre .with location accuracies to within 5 metres. The 3ARC PanicButton is usually worn in an armband beneath or within a biker's clothing and thus remains with the person, to provide personal tracking and emergency communication .any time, any place.

Who needs a PanicButton?
The 3ARC PanicButton can provide every type of biker with immediate benefits from tracking and communication. It has been designed to meet the specialist needs of off-road and endurance events, moto-cross and trials, green-lane and other sports riding, plus road-based biking such as touring and courier work. It can also provide security for bikers who own rare and valuable machines (such as vintage bikes), or may wish to be monitored when riding different machines. Since the 3ARC PanicButton is designed to remain with the rider personally, it provides protection independently of any other type of tracker (also available from 3ARC) that remains with the bike .and might thus end up at a different location to the rider after an incident.

Other interested commercial and private users include:
Adventure sportspeople (climbers, runners, equestrians, sailors and aviators)
Land/air/sea rescue services (the 3ARC PanicButton is waterproof)
Security professionals, military & covert operatives (can be worn beneath clothing)
Professional lone workers (estate agents, medical & social services)
Elderly and disabled people (for example, the PanicButton can be configured to notify a supervisor or carer whenever an Alzheimer sufferer moves beyond an agreed boundary).
The PanicButton and its back-up service will usually cost less than two pounds per day .yet can provide priceless reassurance to bikers (plus their employers, colleagues and families), for round-the-clock care and safety.

How the PanicButton works
The 3ARC PanicButton is primarily an emergency alarm, so it is made to the very highest quality standards and is simple to use. There is only one button to squeeze.

When the PanicButton is lifted off its charger, it will vibrate to confirm that it is fully charged and immediately connect to the 3ARC communications system. Once the first satellite fix has been logged, the 3ARC system will update at optimised intervals to provide a graphical map trace and logged history of the wearer's location. The battery life is normally 12 to 14 hours between charges.

Whenever a wearer needs help, the PanicButton provides completely instinctive operation .with no fiddly dialling buttons or other procedures that might cause confusion. The 3ARC PanicButton only needs one squeeze on a single "nipple" that is easily felt (yet remains unseen) through the wearer's clothing.

That single squeeze raises a unique alarm at the 3ARC 24-hour support centre, to trigger a pre-agreed incident management procedure. At the same time, the GPS automatically switches to continuous monitoring, for maximum accuracy. Specially trained 3ARC Angels will be alerted immediately, with audible warnings and priority displays on their computer screens (showing user details such as relevant medical history, a photograph or any other submitted information). Together with the wearer's current location information, the Angel can make a professional evaluation and immediately organise the most appropriate response. Meanwhile, all voice traffic is recorded automatically and the PanicButton wearer will receive a reassuring vibration signal, to confirm that help is in progress.

The agreed procedures for each wearer can also include secondary alerts to trained bike club colleagues or employers and next of kin, for example. Fully detailed activity reports (including all voice recordings) will remain available online for post-event analysis.

Where to get a PanicButton
The PanicButton will only be available through specialist dealers, who understand the needs of individual bikers and organisations. These experienced dealers will provide configuration advice and training. They will also add value in other ways; for example, the PanicButton is usually supplied as a waterproof pouch in an elasticised soft "suede" armband that can be custom branded or replaced with other methods of wearing (such as a leg garter, body holster, belt component .or even sewn into specialist riding clothes, so the alarm remains safely with it's wearer).

3ARC can also supply small self-contained battery-powered or wired-in Asset Trackers, to help locate missing bikes or trailers. To protect motorhomes, please ask about the 3ARC Track & Stop (which will send an alert to your mobile 'phone whenever the vehicle travels outside an agreed zone, so you can choose to have the ignition switched off when the vehicle next slows to below 10 mph .and notify you of the location).

To contact 3ARC PanicButton call 0845 434 3272.