September 27 2007.

Whichever way you look at it, the limited edition C-Tech R-Cup from Peugeot is a seriously cool scooter. On the outside its distinctive red-and-white livery, enhanced by sponsor logos, evokes the amazingly successful history of Peugeot in the World Rally series this decade, with three successive Championships to their name. On the inside its liquid cooled 2-stroke motor provides impressive yet smooth power delivery.

If the Devil is in the detail, then this is one hell of a handsome machine. The 13" alloy wheels are shod with Pirelli tyres and there is a 226mm 'wavy' disc at the front, backed up by a 190mm disc at the rear, for stopping power that works every bit as well as it looks. The speedometer and mirrors have a 'carbon' effect finish and the sport saddle is colour coded to match the rear spoiler, while the alloy footplates complement the alloy beam frame below the seat. At the front, twin lenticular headlights emphasise the C-Tech's sporting pedigree and provide potent illumination.

With the C-Tech, beauty is more than skin deep. The steel perimetric frame, derived from modern sports motorcycles, strengthens the chassis and enhances the vehicle's road holding, while its single central shock absorber concentrates mass along the vehicle axis, further enhancing the C-Tech's thrill-ability! The liquid cooled, high performance 2-stroke engine and 'snake-bite' sports silencer complete the package.

The Peugeot C-Tech R-Cup sells for £1,899- on the road, which includes a 2-year warranty.

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